Design and Manufacture of Concrete Formwork

Innovative pre-fabricated steel forms that are purpose made for casting concrete structures in-situ, designed for ease of assembly and striking, alleviating the reliance on skilled site labour. Steel forms are durable and provide a high surface finish, ideally suited to repetitive usage and can often be adapted to provide future re-use. Compared with traditional and proprietary formwork systems, steel formwork is normally more compact and stronger, requiring less ties or additional support. Our flexible approach means we can tailor our design to meet your site-specific requirements.


Primarily used in the construction of multi-story “box” type structures normally associated with apartment buildings where there is an amount of repetition and a speedy method of construction is required. The system allows for the casting of walls, floor and kicker simultaneously.


Wave wall and stepped apron formwork is normally used in areas where conditions are tidal and the formwork is required to be robust yet easy to assemble and reassemble within a short time period.


Form-Fab (Worcs) Ltd have become synonymous with the manufacture of purpose-made steel column formwork and have produced many different types to suit all projects within the construction and civil engineering industries.


Normally associated with stadia and sea defence projects and can be cast in-situ or precast dependant upon the contract requirements.